Sports Hypnosis, As The Name Suggests, Is Simply Hypnotism Directed Towards Improving Sports Performance. It’s Used By All Levels Of Sportspeople, From Amateurs To Top Level Professionals, And It’s Successfully Used To Get Better Results In Just About Every Type Of Sport. But How Does Hypnosis, Which Is Concerned With The Mind, Help With Sport, Which Is All About The Body? The Idea Of Mental Factors Being Just As Important As Physical Factors In Sport Is Nothing New, And Is Probably As Old As Sport Itself. In The 20th Century, This Idea Was Developed By The New Science Of Psychology. The Term “Sports Psychology” Has Been In Use Since At Least The 1920s, And The Soviet Olympic Squads Of The 1950s Famously Employed Teams Of Psychological Coaches. Sports Psychology Began To Be Taught At Universities, And It Gradually Became Big Business, As Major League Teams And Players Added Sports Psychologists To Their Staff. Sports Hypnosis Is Part Of This Movement, And Can Be Seen As A Practical Sports Psychology Tool.

Sports Hypnosis Refers To The Use Of Hypnotherapy With Athletes In Order To Enhance Sporting Performance. Hypnosis In Sports Has Therapeutic And Performance-Enhancing Functions. The Mental State Of Athletes During Training And Competition Is Said To Impact Performance. Hypnosis Is A Form Of Mental Training And Can Therefore Contribute To Enhancing Athletic Execution. Sports Hypnosis Is Used By Athletes, Coaches And Psychologists